Cad Dwg Drawing file having the details of sectional details of the milk sampling factory. Download the AutoCAD Drawing file.


Cad Dwg drawing file having the sectional details of a milk sampling factory. The section gives the details of the dimension of the factory , height of the factory etc. The factory has two floors the two floor height is given in the drawing the height are clearly mentioned in the drawings. The ground floor completely has the machineries and the second floor has the cabin and some machineries the cabin dimensions are given in detail , another section gives the detail of the staircase provide inside the factory the height of the staircase and the dimension of the staircase area are given in detail. The factory is made of steel truss model the dimensions of the truss are also provided in the drawing. Thanks for Downloading AutoCAD DWG and other CAD program files from our website.

File Type: DWG ID: 164552

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