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Distance and area measurement land app. It is a very good application for distance and area measuring for land. Here you can download this application for free. You need to turn on GPS to the application auto go to your location. you can easily calculate distance and area. For Area measuring just Enter 3 points on the map. And for Distance measuring with the measure map app, you only need to enter 2 points. Here is the Distance measurement app in meter too. Because the application will auto calculate and give results with the m2 default unit, you also can convert other units to m2, ha, km, ft2, ac, mi2, yt, yd, ft. You also can area calculator for land by walking and distance measurement app for walking. Keep the app turn on when you walk or drive around a region. This feature is best. With technology GPS you can track the location on your land or any location you want to measure. All function is free. This is considered a product measure distance map pro. Distance and area measurement land by walking. Turn on your GPS then you choose the distance or area measuring feature. Press start and move around your land. Stop when going complete area land. Land area calculator and converter distance. Map distance measurement app allows you to measure the distance of the area and path length. Mark at least two points or multiple points to measure the distance of area between all points. After selecting points distance will be automatically calculated and displayed on the screen. Mark at least three points or multiple points to measure area. After selecting points area will be automatically calculated and displayed on the screen. Convert calculated distance and calculated area into any different units you want. Land Measurement Calculator Calculates the distance free GPS area calculator, free area calculate route finder with our Gps Area calculator. The best tool to measure the GPS Fields Area Measure 2020, the area measurement app also allows choosing type maps such as hybrid, satellite, terrain, and normal. Distance and area measurement application allows you custom path lines or points. So, you will easily use it to measure area and distance quickly. Besides it also helps to an exact area measuring by move anchor points. Distance calculator map Calculate distance on the map. You can choose a multi-point on the map. The application will calculate the exact distance from points for you. This Distance and area measurement land app are very useful for Civil engineers, to measure the land area and distance very easily and fast. It saves their work time. Also, it is very helpful for the people who need to take accurate area measurements. Thank you so much for Downloading free Measurement APK files from the cadbull.com website. Download the Apk file for free now.

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