Tape measure is an amazing android measurement app.Download the APK files now.


A tape measure is an amazing android measurement app. This app can measure centimeters, millimeters, and inches. You can measure the actual length. It is optimized for most devices. Some devices cannot be measured accurately. Please acknowledge this point. The unit of measure used in the app was the unit of measurement provided by Android. Some devices do not use Android standard resolution and density. Use your phone as a tape measure whilst standing still and without having to walk to the distant feature you wish to measure. Simply hold the phone at eye level and align the cross-hair on the ground at the point you want to measure. The phone will display a continuously updated horizontal distance from the camera to the point under the cross-hair. A one-off calibration is required where you need to enter your eye-level height i.e. the height from the ground up to your eyes. The distance is calculated by trigonometry so for accurate measurements you need to always keep the phone at your eye level regardless of the angle of the phone pointing at the ground. If you always maintain the phone at eye level and hold the phone steady whilst taking a measurement you should be able to get a typical accuracy of about +-3cm at a 5m distance. This tape measurement app is very useful for Civil engineers, Architects, structural engineers to measure objects easily and fast. It saves their work time. Also, it is very helpful for the people who need to take accurate measurements. Thank you so much for Downloading free Measurement APK files from the cadbull.com website. Download the Apk file for free now.

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