This is a model of my grandmother's house located in Auburn, Massachusetts, located next door from the house where I live. This is my first major Sketch-Up project. My grandmother is 92 years old, and she is taken care of by her 8 children who routinely visit her. There was up to only a four month time window to work on this. Since the source material for this model is closer than my backyard, that means this model is completely to scale. Enjoy my first ever HD model and Merry Holidays to everyone. (Textures, excluding the roof and door window, which are mine, are from various websites [many of which have been modified to fit this model] including but not limited to CGTextures, GoodTextures, and provided by various fellow users such as Gromorg, WolfJanine, and ScifiLicious.) #1950

File Type: 3d sketchup ID: 22180

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