Air handling unit control system


Here Air handling unit control system, including supply fan , cooling/ heating coal , prenup room or mixing box Controls Air Handling Unit (AHU) Controller is a complete digital control system for most common air handling configurations, including single zone, variable air volume, multi-zone, and dual duct. You may use the AHU as a standalone controller or connected to a FMs. Air intake: air handling units collect air from outside, which is treated and distributed throughout the rooms; and/or indoor air that is "recycle Filter: depending on the air purity requirements, the filter applied will have a higher or lower particle, viruses, bacteria, odors, and other air pollutants retention. An: this is an electromechanical system that powers the air to expel it from the AHU to the ducts that distribute the air throughout the rooms. Heat exchangers: devices that transfer temperature between two fluids, in this case, coolant and air, separated by a solid barrier. Cooling coil: the air passing through this module is cooled. In this process, water droplets can be generated, which are collected in a condensate tray thanks to the built-in droplet separator. Silencer: coatings that considerably reduce the sound level of the installation. Plenums: empty spaces in which the air flow is homogenized. For more details of Air handling unit control system download this file.

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