Master bedroom elevation


 Here Master bedroom elevation including pop celling with a.o grilled, leather design of bed back , white polycoat , bed fadia drawer finished polycoat , bed back in fabric , bed back is finished with cove lights , m.o.p design Master bedroom size in meters: 4.3 x 4.9 or 21 square meters (for houses measuring 186 square meters) While small master bedrooms usually offer plenty of space for you to move around, it can be challenging to accommodate a bathroom and additional closet areas. Small master bedrooms usually have enough space to fit a standard King-size bed. A master suite is simply the name of a master bedroom that has a bathroom attached. Typically, for it to be considered a master suite, the bedroom must have direct access to the bathroom. Master suites can also feature other amenities like a sitting area, reading nook, or extra-large walk-in closets. for more detail of Master bedroom elevation download this file.

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