Break in foundation detail of landscaping design


Used rims of different sizes will be used, and the wall has a height of no more than 2 merers, the rims should be well places as it explained in the detail, to avoid the collapse of the wall,

The internal part of the rims with stone, concrete blocks, wooden pieces should be completely filled in. if the rims below are not fully carried out, it is important not to level any open space when filling.

Cement soil will apply and should be compacted more than 5 time, water will be spared when carrying out the procedure to achieve better result, the point exposed to the low part of the wall are revised and if necessary, ,maintence will be given, that is to be checked if the rims have not been dislocated of positing, revise that the full of backs the rims check that the soil cement has not been washed.

Eiz Luna
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