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On Measuring tape Mobile App Apk File Free. It is a very simple and easy-to-use measuring tool for quick measure of object length. In this app, the flexible ruler helps you to make the measurements accurately. You can easily measure the length of everything with your phone anywhere, anytime. This application is specially designed to measures the dimension of objects that are larger and longer than your device's screen size. You can also use some free apps like ON 2D CameraMeasure or ON 3D CameraMeasure to measure large objects in more advance. To measure the object that smaller than the device's screen size, the ON Ruler app, is recommended. This app is very intuitive and easy to use. Just need to click on the screen with your finger and move the device with another hand repeatedly from the start point to the endpoint of the measured object. After that take the reading. This measuring tape has unlimited tape length, you can also easily switch the length unit between metric and inches. For ideal accuracy, you wanna do the calibration the first time you open the application. Calibration needs to be carried out only one time per installation. With ON Measuring Tape, now you always bring a tape measure with you as in your smartphone. One of the key features is This app has Unlimited tape length. Measurement units are Inch and millimeter This application Shows both inches and metric tape in a single view. Also, it Shows the start line and end line for guidance. Lock or Unlock screen options are available. An instant reset option is given. You can do Easy calibration for Only one time. The customizable theme, line color, text color, text size. Simple and smart user interface design. Always Keep the screen awake. This On Measuring tape Mobile App Apk File is very useful for Civil engineers, Architect, Interior Designers, and Structural Engineers to make calculate concrete volume easy and fast. This app saves their work time. Thank you so much for Downloading free APK files from the cadbull.com website. Download the Apk file for free now.

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