Side view of cooling tower with detailing


This architectural drawing is side view of cooling tower with detailing. Cooling towers are heat exchangers that use water and air to transfer heat from air-conditioning systems to the outdoor environment. Most commonly, they are used to remove heat from the condenser water leaving a chiller. The structural frame of a cooling tower is typically made of galvanized steel, but stainless steel is also an option. Fiberglass reinforced polyester casing panels, steel, or stainless casing panels for extra corrosion resistance are all options. As the amount of water will reduce due to evaporation and draining, a float valve is used to add the water to the system. The tower should be located in an area where the ventilation is good and not located too close to the building. This is critical for the natural-draft tower where the cooling is done naturally. For more details and information download the drawing file.

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