Police station line plan with mukhtiarkar residence at ghora bari by govt of sindh dwg autocad drawing .


This AutoCAD drawing depicts the meticulous line plan of a significant governmental project in Ghora Bari, facilitated by the Government of Sindh. It integrates essential facilities such as a police station and a residence for the Mukhtiarkar, demonstrating a comprehensive approach to public service infrastructure. The drawing, crafted by the Town Planning Department, showcases detailed annotations and design elements, including plinth levels and spatial layouts, ensuring structural integrity and adherence to regulatory standards. As part of the broader town planning initiative, this project underscores the government's commitment to efficient urban development and community welfare. Architects, urban planners, and government officials can leverage this drawing to make informed decisions and streamline the execution of the project. With its clear presentation and comprehensive detailing, the drawing serves as a valuable resource for advancing the region's infrastructure and enhancing public services.


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