Cast iron boiler details


Here cast iron boiler details A Cast-Iron Sectional Boiler Works. With a cast-iron sectional boiler, also called a pork chop boiler, the appliance is built up from sections of cast iron. The iron castings are then bolted together like an old steam radiator and sealed by gaskets. They typically range in size from 35,000 to 14,000,000 btu/hr. The steam is generated at high pressure, and flows to the iron when it's ready to use. Because of the high pressure involved, the steam is very powerful. The Boiler Iron produces a “dry steam” as opposed to the “wet steam” produced by conventional irons. including  drain valve , open valve , insulation boiler casting , tee , blind flange ,flue to chimney , line to expansion tank top outlet controlling air , boiler room , floor line , discharge pipe  from  a.s.m.e  relief valve  full size of  relief  valve for more  details of Cast iron boiler download this file .

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