Swimming Pool Plan and section details.


This Architectural Drawing is Swimming Pool Plan and section details. Swimming pools come in all different types and sizes, with hot or cold water, used for bathing or swimming, for relaxation or for competitive purposes. The most appropriate construction type should be built according to the site conditions and functions. Thus, design choices relating to shape, size and depth will also depend on the use of the pool. In this case we have a rectangular shape and a constant depth. Similarly, variable shapes, different depths and the insertion of water features are preferred for recreational purposes. Multipurpose pools tend to combine both these needs. With regard to depth, the first thing to consider is the length of the pool. It is also important to verify whether a trampoline, a dive access or a slide will need to be installed. In addition, the type of bottom material also needs to be taken into account. For swimming purposes, the minimum depth for swimming is 1.20 meters. If, in addition to swimming, there is also a trampoline one-meter high in relation to the water surface, a depth of 2.5 meters is recommended. If the trampoline exceeds one meter in height up to two meters or three, a minimum depth of 3 meters is recommended. For more details and information download the drawing file.




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