Plumbing Plan Details for Two-Storey Staff House in DWG File


This detailed plumbing plan is specifically crafted for a practical and efficient water distribution and drainage system in a two-storey staff house. The AutoCAD file, available in DWG format, encompasses comprehensive layouts for both the ground and second floors. The ground floor water distribution system is thoughtfully designed to ensure seamless water flow throughout the area, while the second floor layout caters to the specific needs of the upper level. The plumbing plan also includes detailed ground floor and second floor sanitary and storm drainage system layouts, addressing the vital aspects of waste disposal. For added convenience, the design incorporates catch basin and septic tank details, ensuring effective drainage management. Additionally, the roof deck sanitary and storm drainage system layout is meticulously outlined. This CAD drawing serves as an indispensable tool for architects and engineers, providing a clear and concise guide for the implementation of the plumbing system in the two-storey staff house.


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