Ecological House


The following materials have been submitted and used in the project room of the house are natural materials that emerged thousands of years ago, construction techniques reliable for a long and satisfying life. these materials are common in the region with the advantages of duration, cost, manpower, sustentabilida, air conditioning etc. that is why the next project will consist of the following materials have been carefully selected. A tile is a tile or tile manufactured, manufactured in different types and techniques of ceramics as well as stone, rubber, cork, glass, metal, plastic, etc. Originally called the square brick tile and thin, rectangular or polygonal in different sizes, used for flooring. In archeology is defined as brick or tile bit thick to cover floors and walls, and usually polished surface PINEWOOD: The wood is soft and light, with a specific gravity 0.46. Yellow brown with streaks pronounced and frequent presence of knots darker. Density 550 to 600 kg. / M 3 as sources (wood semipesada). Contraction tangential and radial 7% 5% (good dimensional stability). Very good machinability in all aspects (brushing, turning, molding, drilling, etc.). The constructions carried out with this technique have properties that make bioclimatic and effect "jug" or "crock", maintaining a relatively stable temperature inside throughout the year, both in summer with extreme heat, as in winter with a intense cold. In the tropics, the internal temperature year average is about 25 ° C, regardless of the temperature outside. Because of its extremely low energy content, is now seen as a constructive technique that minimizes environmental impact and emissions of greenhouse gases, one of the main tenets of sustainable architecture.

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