2d Cad drawing of Wooden furniture detail


The wood to be used will be guaranteed to resist the attack of insects and fungi, for which inorganic and environmental forecasts that contribute to its deformation and destruction it is essential to use preservatives of officially authorized and non toxic marks to the man or the environment, for the final finish, use clear varnish or lacquer, must be semi matt and not shiny, printing a firm and elastic film that protects the wood.


a) Wood to be used: SCREW
b) Basic Density of the wood: 04.5-070 Kg / cm2
b) Moisture content of wood <= 12%
c) Static Flexion: MOR (Break Module)> = 501 Kg / cm2 MOE (Modulus of Elasticity)> = 61 Kg / cm2
d) Perpendicular comprehension: ELP (Elasticity to the Average Limit):> = 61 Kg / cm2
f) Hardness in sides:> = 301 Kg / cm2
g) Tenacity:> = 1.8 Kg / cm2 -m



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