Upright gyproc gyprofile constructive structure details dwg file


upright gyproc gyprofile constructive structure details that inludes a detailed view of supporting masonry, gyproc hydro 15
counterparty gyproc cp 62,5 / 50 hydro of the total thickness of about 63 mm made up of the following elements :, gypsum-coated plaster sheets hydro 13 (type h2 according to uni en 520) from, 12.5 mm thick in the number of 1 plate. the gyproc hydro plates are in, euroclass a2-s1, d0 and have smoke class f1 according to afnor, gyproc gyprofile metal structure with organic coating without chromium, ecological, anti-corrosive, dielectric, antifingerprint, made up of profiles, metallic in 0.6 mm thick z140 galvanized steel sheet :, horizontal guides with u gyprofile of 50 mm mechanically fixed to the floor, to the ceiling using fixing accessories placed at maximum wheelbase and much more of structure details.

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