Wooden roof Trush constructive sectional details dwg file


Wooden roof Trush constructive sectional details that includes a detailed view of Connection  Details of Purlin to Rafter, Truss 2 Details, Galva. Metal Support (4 Nos.), Layout of Roof Truss details, Gusset Plate 6mm Thick on Both Sides (Grade 4.6) 7 Bolts Grade 4.6 ∅12mm, Section thru. Verandah & Staircase, Fixing Detail of Metal Sheet to Purlin, Fixing Details of Purlin on Beam Details at H, Connection  Details of Purlin to Rafter, Zinc Aluminium alloy coated structural steel sheet prepainted Zinc Aluminium  min. 150 gm/m  total on both sides (Colour to Architect's approval) and much more of roof construction details.

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