Bicycles parking space details.


This Architectural Drawing is AutoiCAD 2d drawing is Bicycles parking space details.  A space about 71" (180 cm) long, 25" (64 cm) wide and 43" (110 cm) high will store one average adult bike comfortably. This gives us a little bit of space at either end of the bike (2.5 cm). And some space at either end of even the widest average handlebars (1.5 cm). In general, most typical bikes will take up a bike parking spot of 30" x 72" x 48" when parked. For the footprint of bikes parked at a horizontal bike rack, additional space will need to be added to the dimensions of the bike. In general, the total space to park two bicycles should be 84" x 32". For more details and information download the drawing file.

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