Dichroic lamps detail cad file


cad drawing of dichroic lamps of 50 w / 220 Volts

Decorative interior luminaire, ideal for lighting passageways, rests, stairs, waiting rooms among other applications.
It uses compact fluorescent saving lamps TC-D 18W, TC-D 26W or incandescent lamps up to 75 W. They can be equipped with Low Loss Electromagnetic ballast
It's formed by:
• Steel plate body, subjected to a process of phosphatizing and enameling in the oven.
• Diffusers of the acrylic and anti-glare plate, on the side and front sides.
• Top cover, formed by a steel plate frame and acrylic diffuser.
• Equipment, reactor ALPHAelectromagneticode low losses.
• Wiring with THHW conductor of105 ° C thermal resistance.
• Attached to the wall, using bolts.

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