Rainwater Collection RCC Box Drawing Free DWG File


simple concrete ballast, masonry of common clay bricks, precast reinforced concrete cover, and lining mortar for masonry and background smoothing. Manual excavation on land of any nature and bottom attachment. Cover: 1: 3: 4 concrete mix, cement, sand and gravel, reinforced with 15 cm x 15 cm mesh, DN 4.2 mm, CA-60B steel. Edges shape: pine battens. Ballast: simple blend, 1: 4: 8 line, cement, sand, gravel. Bricklaying: 1: 4 mortar mix, hydrated lime and sand, with the addition of 100 kg of cement per m3 of mortar, and Masonry lining and background smoothing: 1: 3 mix mortar, cement and sand, with water repellent to 3% of the weight of the cement.

File Type: DWG ID: 163083

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