Airside economizer


Here airside economizer including smoke damper , exhaust air , bag filter  85% ashrae , cooling coil , constant speed supply fan , fresh air control damper  , return air damper , pre filter , electric heater including Airside economizers are a duct and damper arrangement with an automatic control system that together allow a cooling system to supply outdoor air to reduce or eliminate the need for mechanical cooling during mild or cold weather. Economizers reduce air conditioning costs by using outside air (OSA) for free cooling causing the compressor to run less. OSA dampers switch over to minimum OSA when free cooling is not available. Economizer dampers switch to minimum ventilation position when OSA conditions are not favorable for cooling.  the biggest benefit of having an economizer is that it improves the quality of indoor air by increasing ventilation. Consider how older schools and other buildings, in addition to some newer ones, fail to prioritize ventilation in their construction. for more details download this file.

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